Take Control Over Acid Reflux: Helpful How-To Tips

Would you like to eliminate your acid reflux problem? If you have been plagued by this condition, it is time to take your life back. Use the advice below to better manage your condition.

Eat dinner about 3 hours prior to bed. Staying upright can help the food get pulled into your stomach. If you lay on your back, the acid will come back up through your esophagus. You need those few hours before deciding to hit the sack.

Stress frequently triggers acid reflux problems. Acid is produced when you put excess tension on your body. Try to do something relaxing after each meal. Meditate or try light yoga. Even watching your favorite television show can be relaxing and stress reducing.

Acid Reflux

Smokers need to quit if they suffer from acid reflux. Acid reflux is made worse by nicotine because it stimulates stomach acid production. You don’t necessarily have to go cold turkey to quit; that may actually worsen your acid reflux. Take your time.

You need to make sure that you are eating more slowly. Rather than clearing your plate, eat slowly until you are just about satiated. Chew your food very slowly, allowing yourself to thoroughly enjoy its taste. The faster you eat, the worse you’ll feel when done. One way to slow down is to lay down your fork after each bite.

Work on drinking only in between your meals if acid reflux is plaguing you. If you have a full stomach, your esophageal sphincter is compressed. The pressure causes the contents of your stomach to reach the esophagus and cause damage to it’s lining.

If you are a pregnant, there is a chance that the weight of the baby is pushing against your stomach and causing your acid reflux to form. You must consult your obstetrician in regards to what acid reflux remedies are safe during pregnancy.

Try to lose a few pounds each week. Extra weight, particularly around the middle, can negatively affect acid reflux. This is because it can cause stomach acid to work its way into your esophagus. This can end up causing an erosion of your esophageal lining. You can achieve weight loss through a conscientious lifestyle and a healthier approach to eating.

Acid Reflux

If you deal with acid reflux stay away from foods that can trigger the problem. There are some foods that are known to trigger acid reflux. Some examples of these foods are spicy, fried or fatty, citrus fruits, caffeine, alcohol, mints or items that have mint flavoring, tomatoes, onions, garlic and carbonated beverages. Not everyone has the same triggers; therefore, if any of these mentioned foods do not bother you, it’s okay to eat them in moderation.

Stay calm. Stress can cause you to overeat, making your condition much worse. When you’re done eating, try to relax by practicing deep breathing or meditating. Avoid laying down immediately after a meal; sit upright instead.

Chewing cinnamon gum following a meal may help with acid reflux. Gum chewing stimulates the salivary glands, which helps to clean the esophagus and balance out the acids in the stomach. Chewing your gum also causes you to swallow more. This helps push the stomach acid back into the stomach where it belongs.

Eat more slowly and take pauses between bites. This is a great way to reduce your symptoms. Give yourself time to really enjoy your meal. Try not to overeat at meals.

You must make exercise a part of your daily life. There are many good benefits of exercising and decreased acid reflux symptoms are one of them. Regular exercise can regulate the digestive process. If your stomach is upset after exercising has occurred, you may be overdoing it.

Acid Reflux

When you have acid reflux, try wearing loose clothing. Tight clothes may create unnecessary pressure on the middle area and worsen acid reflux. So when things start going bad, be ready to get comfy very quickly! In fact, it might be a great idea to wear comfy clothes any time you may be eating a big meal.

Drink alcoholic beverages sparingly or not at all if you have acid reflux. Beer, liquor and wine cause the esophageal sphincter to relax, allowing acid to rise up. This is more about excess drinking than the occasional drink.

If your acid reflux problem is chronic, prescription medication may help. Numerous over-the-counter medications and prescription medications exist. Talk to your family doctor to find out what medicinal option would work best for you. Never take someone else’s pills.

Wearing tight clothing can worsen acid reflux symptoms. Wear loose clothing instead. If your clothes are too tight around the midsection, your digestive tract may be irritated and acid reflux is more likely to flare.

With everything you’ve learned here, you are one step closer to doing away with your reflux problems. Now that you understand what you need to do, it’s time to begin the process. Keep all of this information in mind while you work on ridding yourself of acid reflux.